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KDFM MONITOR customer solution enables you to increase your productivity every day by removing time-consuming tasks like calling your customer for meter reading collection or worrying about when you need to provide supplies.

KDFM MONITOR is a remote device management tool, with no hardware installation, designed to enable dealers to collect meter reads from all its customers’ networked device fleets, generate reports for the billing process, and more importantly, plan the supplies replenishment “just in time” to optimize your productivity and rationalize your delivery costs with a powerful smart alerts system. You gain customer satisfaction as you reduce downtime and optimize their daily workflow.

Key Benefits

Automate your Supplies and Service management

  • Get the most robust smart alert system in the industry.
  • Accurately predict the number of days to toner depletion.
  • Automatically collect meter reading.
  • Easily export data into a third party system for the billing process.

Increase Profitability

  • Reduce downtime with powerful service and status alerts.
  • Offer more tailor-made solutions to replace the competitor’s devices.

Ensure Customer Loyalty

  • Ensure your devices always run smoothly for increased customer satisfaction.
  • Detect new connected devices to offer consumables on top of the cost-per-page devices.

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