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KDFM PREMIER is a unique full program, designed to manage your printing devices fleet more efficiently, and ensure customer satisfaction. It is sold by pack of licenses. Once you select your pack level, you can split the units from the pack as per your needs between the managed devices and licenses for the Track & Save program.

The remote device management software, cloud-based, offer the following features :

  • Automatically collect reliable meter reads information.
  • Set up reliable and powerful smart alerts to define the toner depletion date and plan the supplies deliveries, based on the print data history.
  • Assign a cost per page to identify the potential savings and the most profitable devices.

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What is Track & Save?

Printing Analysis and Rules help your customers to evaluate their print environment, control their printing costs and save money in creating eco-conscious users; for instance, inform users about the cost or environmental impact of jobs they’re ready to print, advise them to use duplex mode or B/W MFPs, limit the color usage per user…

Recovery help the end-users like for instance lawyers, solicitors or designers, to allocate accurately printing costs to capture billable activities per customer using a PIN code.

Secure, is designed to help the end users securing their confidential printing jobs and reducing the waste paper.

Embedded, option allows to release the job directly from a selected range of enabled devices, reducing the wasted pages left at printer and securing the confidential document.

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Download our Trial version for Track & Save program from KDFM Premier (available during 15 days after installation on your workstation) and download our Trial Installation Guide.

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