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What is MPS?

KDFM Managed Print Services (MPS) is a complete suite of solutions, completely independent from the OEMs, that manage and optimize your imaging devices fleet (printers, copiers, MFPs etc.). It helps you to provide supplies and maintenance to your customers’ devices in a timely manner while you help customers optimize their print and document workflow and lower their environmental impact.

Katun offers a robust portfolio of MPS services in partnering with industry leaders, to help you keep control of customer device fleets while maximizing your profitability. KDFM includes a wide and scalable solutions range, saving you time and money in your daily organization, while providing a source of predictable revenue and adding value to your MPS proposal.

Significantly reduce or eliminate costs resulting from the replenishment process by delivering the supplies “just-in-time” directly to the end-user site.

Select one of the pages below to learn more on the best fitting solution for your print fleet.

KDFM Premier

KDFM Premier

Unique full MPS suite solutions.

KDFM Monitor

KDFM Monitor

Device management with no minimum billing quantity or time commitment.

Why Partner with KATUN for MPS ?

Find out why Katun is your best choice.

KDFM Audit Key graphic

KDFM Audit Key

A quick and complete snapshot of networked printers for optimizing your sales quotation.

Automated Toner Fulfillment

Toner automatically delivered direct to your customer.

KDFM Testimonials

KDFM Testimonials

Read What our Customers Say About KDFM.

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