Unsurpassed Quality is the Legacy of Our Value Proposition

For well over four decades, Katun has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing the highest quality supplies and parts in the imaging industry.

More than any other factor, our dedication to quality separates Katun from other companies seeking to become your alternative parts-and-supplies partner. We provide you with unsurpassed levels of quality and consistency and back our products with a no-risk warranty that offers the choice of credit or replacement.

These high-quality products are the result of three key factors: our processes, our lab, and our people.

Katun Brands

Each Katun brand is established with a promise to deliver quality products that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and their end-users. Combining that level of quality with significant cost savings is how we provide dealers with great value. Customers know that Katun’s commitment to quality will never be compromised.

Katun 360º Certification Process

Qualification and Assurance Testing

Katun products bearing the 360º certification stamp are subjected to rigorous testing to measure yields and ensure consistent image quality and reliable, risk-free performance.

Industry Leading Warranties

Quality You Can Depend On

Katun backs our products with industry-leading warranties. Because our products are subjected to rigorous testing, you can be confident in our product quality and reliability. Every new Katun product must pass a full battery of tests to evaluate its life/yield, compatibility with OEM products, and overall performance under a wide range of environmental and machine usage conditions. Extensively trained quality assurance inspectors maintain samples and thorough specification documentation for every product we offer.

Keys to Katun Quality

Our Processes

Our thorough and exacting product development processes include detailed product analysis, comprehensive lab evaluation, field testing and ongoing product support.

Our Lab

Katun’s research and development lab features hundreds of OEM printers, copiers, MFPs and other office equipment, as well as a comprehensive range of test and diagnostic equipment.

Our People

Dozens of Katun employees worldwide are directly engaged in product development, technical operations, engineering support and quality assurance.