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Ensure profitable business with ezMPS

To run a great MPS service – you need to land the business first. And you need it at the right price to ensure you make a fair profit. ezMPS enables you to analyze a customer’s devices and projected parts and supplied usage, then create a professional MPS proposal that ensures profitable margins – and helps you close the sale.


Designed for the dealer that requires full control of all elements of the MPS process and has the capability to manage pricing. Ideal for dealers with more than three MPS reps.

  • Protect your profit margins.
  • Turn your MPS sales reps into “selling machines!”.
  • Comprehensive database contains industry standards for parts & supplies usage.
  • Quick web access with easy & intuitive interface.
  • Includes proposal templates & contracts.

Download the ezMPS Flyer (616 KB)

Request a callback from a Katun representative for more information regarding this program; learn how Katun’s MPS reimbursement benefit can help you and your customers.

Call your sales representative or Katun Customer Service today at 1-800-328-2965.