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3M™ Field Service Vacuum

Whether responding to a tough toner spill or performing routine cleanup, the 3M™ field service vacuum has the power, filtration, and portability required for optimum cleaning performance — making it one of the world’s finest vacuums and the service technician/engineer’s number one choice. This rugged vacuum is built to withstand years of use.

Vacuum Accessories

Keep your vacuum running clean by replacing the filter at regular intervals. Katun offers several filter types and sizes for 3M™, UltiVac®, and other service vacuums. You can also expand the capabilities of your vacuum with nozzles, brushes, replacement hoses, and carrying cases — all available from Katun.

3M™ Electronics Vacuum

Katun now offers the 3M™ Electronics Vacuum. The 3M™ Electronics Vacuum has all the features of the 3M™ Field Service Vacuum, but includes an RFI filter that provides an additional level of safety. It is constructed with electrostatic dissipative plastic and includes static dissipative accessories that help reduce the risk of damage. This vacuum offers added protection for RF susceptible components found inside copiers, printers, and other office equipment.