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KDFM Customer Testimonials

“Easy to install at customer’s site, we even install in remotely on a customer workstation. The meta readings are automatically integrated into our ERP. It is a huge saving of time and money as it is not necessary anymore to contact our customers to get the meta reading and bill the contracts. We also reduced the stock level at the customer site. We now bill the customer based on his actual toner consumption and the customer is delivered on time without calling us.”
N. Calas, TM Novapage, France

“This program helps us to follow carefully our customers supplies.”
V. Bonduelle, GM, Kiprint, Belgium

“The KDFM allows us to drastically increase the collection of meta reading and to optimize the management of the supplies fulfillment. This tool also enables us to detect the devices we did not install and see the volume of printed pages. Our customer can also see his whole printing fleet by setting up a specific KDFM account.”
A. Vassard, GM Vassard OMB, France

“This is a significant operational and financial asset.”
H. Amiot, Purchasing dept, Amg Informatique, France